About Us

Welcome to “Need A Dom” website where you can find New and Aged Domain Names!

We take special care in selecting unique names that cover most niche markets and industries, and we are always adding to our database of collections.
Our powerful software can find expired domain names that give us stats found on their previous history.

You may ask why do I need to buy an aged domain? Well, there are many major reasons for that, as these domains have been used in various industries and the search engines have indexed them in their databases. This, in turn, creates domains with incredible power, which can allow you to hit the ground running immediately when setting up your business, blog or brand.

It takes MONTHS if not YEARS to get ranked and found on search engines, and with new names even harder to get recognition from the big players like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
We all want names to be seen and heard on the big world wide web, so it makes sense to use the previous history rather than re-invent the wheel as it can take forever…

Need A Dom mainly focuses on .Com names but we have found others also need .net, .org and many others to fulfil their needs.
Therefore we are always on the lookout for such domains, and unless a special request by you is needed then view some of the alternatives. They are also just as powerful in many ways.

If you do need a special request then please don’t hesitate in sending us an email to – [email protected] for your specific needs.

We love to help and be part of your online presence for now and the future!

Thanks and happy domain hunting…

From the team @NeedADom

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